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Don’t Go the Extra Mile in the Wrong Direction

February 21, 2019 12:14 PM | Anonymous

By Jeff Falcusan
SOS Account Executive
About Jeff

A few days ago, I ran out to grab a quick take-out lunch in advance of a conference call. Because it was an unseasonably cold day, I ordered a bowl of soup. When the cashier handed me my order (previously bagged up by a different employee), I made a beeline to the napkin and utensil station. Before I could get there, the cashier shouted, “Don’t worry, I threw some utensils into the bag!” “Thank you so much!” I replied, and headed straight to my car, grateful to have saved even a few seconds on what had turned into a very busy day.

When I returned to my desk, I opened the bag, took out my soup, and retrieved the two utensils the cashier had provided. Unfortunately, they were both forks.

As association management professionals, we work hard to advance our clients’ goals and objectives. If we are not in tune with our clients’ needs, however, maximum effort might produce minimal results. By keeping the lines of communication open and checking in with clients on a consistent basis, we can stay up to date and maintain a shared understanding of the short- and long-term priorities that require our time and attention. By first understanding our clients’ needs and then working as hard as we can to meet those needs, we set our clients up for meaningful accomplishments.

In the association management world, there are other mechanisms we can use to ensure that boards and staff remain on the same page when it comes to organizational goals and how to achieve them. A strategic plan, for example, can help an association think through and ultimately prioritize activities and initiatives with the highest potential to generate revenue or meet other organizational goals. When those priorities are in place, current, and understood by all relevant stakeholders, decision makers can allocate resources appropriately and staff will have a clear understanding of the objectives they are charged with advancing. 

If your organization has not engaged in a strategic planning exercise in the last few years, SOS can help. Feel free to contact us for more information.


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