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SOS is the only  accredited AMC in Arizona

Bringing the personal touch to association management since 1995

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Association Management Company or AMC?

An AMC allows certain services to be customized and managed outside of the non-profit to meet specific goals. Whether the non-profit is in the market for full-service management or specific services like strategic planning, membership development, or communications, AMCs leverage shared resources across multiple association clients to increase capabilities.

Many AMCs serve as the non-profit’s headquarters, providing an experienced executive to work with a customized blend of other AMC-staff resources. Executive staff focus on managing day-to-day operations, supporting members, and becoming the public face of the organization. These staff members are experts in the critical areas of association management and operations, which are essential for success. With years of experience in a nonprofit environment, AMCs lend strategic focus and put proven practices to work. And of special importance in this economy, retaining an AMC can lead to enhanced buying power, improved staff efficiency, and reduced overhead costs.

What do you do?

Founded in 1995, SOS is an accredited Association Management Company (AMC) that provides experienced and specialized management services for trade, professional and non-profit associations, large and small. We are professional advisors with the passion to provide customized solutions that are focused on enhancing the uniqueness of your organization. We are adept at maximizing efforts to meet the needs of the associations and clients we serve.

As professional service providers, we focus on each organization’s unique personality and needs, customizing our services to each organization’s specific culture.

Do you offer event management services?

Yes. SOS has over 20 years of experience with events, everything from chartering a ship at sea, to putting together a Tree Climbing Championship. No event is too big, too small or too unique. We identify the best venues for events, develop and manage event budgets, negotiate room blocks, manage event staff such as volunteers, speakers and officials, market to members, process registrations and inquiries, coordinate entertainment, catering and hotel staff. Whether it’s a free-standing exhibit or a private discussion for a small group, we’ll make sure it runs perfectly.

What type of marketing services do you provide?

Depending on the need of the non-profit, we provide a tailored suite of digital communication services that may include anything from crafting a social media strategy and sending email blasts, to creating marketing materials and newsletters. Our expert staff understand the nuances of the digital/Web 2.0 landscape and regularly work with our clients to ensure that they are engaging and growing their audience base.

How many non-profits do you manage?

We currently manage 20 non-profit organizations and counting!

Is your organization accredited?

Yes. SOS is an accredited member of the AMC Institute, the trade association for AMCs. As an accredited AMC, our clients are assured that our company policies and management practices are up to the professionalism and high industry standards for association management companies. SOS is the ONLY accredited AMC in the state of Arizona.

Do you provide financial services?

Yes. SOS provides accounting, bookkeeping and budget management services to non-profits. As a matter of fact, our staff are experts in Quickbooks and carry the Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional designation.

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