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Why Choose an AMC?

Association Management is a unique area of expertise with a very specific purpose. From nonprofit and trade organizations to professional and advocacy groups, we understand your needs. We also understand the often limited internal resource challenges you face. That’s where an Association Management Company (AMC) can help.

AMCs are professional service firms that provide executive, administrative, and financial management; strategic planning; membership development; public affairs and lobbying; education and professional development; statistical research; meetings management; and marketing and communication services.

Many associations hire an Association Management Company (AMC) to handle operations, while some hire staff to run the organization. AMCs are for-profit businesses that provide professional management and administrative services to associations. The AMC provides a centralized office that serves as the client association’s headquarters. Any overhead costs are then shared between the AMC’s various clients, increasing each association’s resources and capabilities without major capital investment. Due to the shared resources, specialists are drawn from the personnel pool and are assigned on an as-needed basis – giving you access to the all of the AMC’s staff expertise.

Under the guidance of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), AMC Institute has developed a Standard of Good Practices for the Association Management Industry. The ANSI/AMC Institute Standard was designed to collectively enhance management practices across Association Management Companies (AMCs) and to assist professional AMCs in the establishment of internal quality service systems.

The AMC Institute Accreditation Program provides a detailed process for evaluating and improving internal operating procedures and service delivery methods that every AMC (and your clients) will benefit from. AMCs who have adopted the Standard have made a commitment to uphold and deliver the highest level of customer service using a documented set of best practices in these areas:

  • Client Contracts: Review Procedures and Requirements
  • Servicing the Clients and Service Delivery Procedures
  • Evaluation of Services
  • Financial Management and Internal Controls
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Employee Recruitment and Selection
  • Employee Training and Professional Development Procedures
  • Subcontracting and Purchasing Requirements
  • Record Keeping Requirements/Continuity of Operations
  • Internal Audit Procedural Requirements

An AMC Institute accredited AMC has invested significant time and money to meet or exceed the requirements, and organizations can be assured that accredited AMCs demonstrate a high level of professionalism and responsibility. Achievement of AMC Institute Accreditation demonstrates an AMC’s commitment and ability to deliver consistent quality service to present and prospective clients.

The AMC model allows all services to be customized to meet specific goals. Whether your nonprofit is in the market for full-service management or specific services — strategic planning, membership development, communications and more — AMCs leverage shared resources across multiple association clients to increase means and capabilities, including membership, marketing, finance, etc.

Full-Service Management

Many AMCs serve as an organization’s headquarters, providing an experienced executive to work with a customized blend of other AMC-staff resources, managing day-to-day operations supporting members, becoming the public face of the organization, all with staff members who are experts in the critical areas of association management and operations that are essential for success. With years of experience in a nonprofit environment, AMCs lend strategic focus and put proven practices to work. And of special importance in this economy, retaining an AMC can lead to enhanced buying power, improved staff efficiency, and reduced overhead costs.

AMCs are the right solution for thousands of associations, professional societies and nonprofits. Consider the benefits many organizations managed by AMC-member firms receive each year as compared to organizations with hired staff, leased or owned office space and other capital expenses.


Outsourced Services

Often organizations prefer an outsourced approach because AMCs offer scalability of service – staff and resources where and when they need it. Because AMC staff members are specialists in association management services, they serve as an extension of staff to help meet a client’s specific needs.

Outsourced services may include executive, administrative and financial management; strategic planning; membership development; public affairs and lobbying; education and professional development; statistical research; meetings management; and marketing and communication services.



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